Finding the best
people for the
right positions

For best results, you cannot take shortcuts .
Our story is full of examples of winning decisions.

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We work with
and maximum

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Building Value

Our aim is to create
opportunities for
professional advancement
and improved

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We guarantee
our results and
only stop when
the job is done –
and when the
customer is happy.


We believe in the importance of customer satisfaction.
Our mission is to achieve this result for the businesses and candidates we work with.

What we look at,
when recruiting.

  • Job analysis and advice on putting together the required profiles
  • Recruitment and selection of qualified personnel and high potential young talent
  • Head Hunting
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Listening to your needs.
Redeploying talent.

  • Support with individual outplacement: professional check and skilled appraisal, selection of objectives and action strategy, operational research

Montera Stv & Associati is licensed by the Ministry for Employment and Social Policy to provide professional recruitment services (authorisation number 39/0014164/MA004.A003 of 29.10.2013)

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Instantly recognising
people’s value.

  • Individual and group assessment centres
  • Aptitude and skills testing
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Meeting the challenges
of every career path.

  • Career advice: professional redeployment for individuals (clerical staff, managers and executives)
  • Coaching and retraining
  • Assistance in drafting CVs and cover letters
  • Interview training
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Our Team

A graduate in Employment Psychology, he has been HR Manager at Aprilia Moto S.p.A. and at the Beggio Group. In 1992, he started working as a HR consultant. He specialises in recruitment and headhunting, talent assessment and career counselling for managers and executives. Maurizio has organised national and international training seminars on talent assessment methods and assessment centres for Fiat Auto, Coop and other Italian brands.

Foto ritratto Maurizio Montera

Maurizio Montera

A graduate in Business Economics (Vicenza), Michela trained as a management consultant for KPMG in Milan, before gaining further experience as a management consultant for a famous Veneto company. Specialising in finance and management control she has worked on a number of business design and organisation projects. Headhunter since 2006. Since 2003 she has managed STV’s Recruitment and Selection operations.

Foto ritratto Michela Cavalieri

Michela Cavalieri

A graduate of Padua University, he has worked as an HR manager for major industrial groups, as a HR consultant since 2000, and as an employment adviser since 1998. He founded STV in 2003. Specialising in turnaround processes, management consulting and business design, Stefano also undertakes temporary management positions, as HR Manager. Stefano’s passion for the world of recruitment, together with long experience in HR management gives him an immediate grasp of the situation within a company, as well as a full range of research options.

Foto ritratto Stefano Vio

Stefano Vio

Graduate in Employment Psychology.
Recruiter at Montera STV & Associati since 2015.

Foto ritratto Francesca Gonella

Francesca Gonella


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