What we look at,
when recruiting.


We still believe that employing the right people is an investment like no other. Taking on a new member of staff can have a positive impact for the client, and may be key to their future.
The right person is decisive for the success of a business. To make the right decision, and to get help in deciding, you need the right consultant with enough experience to give the right advice. That means acting accordingly, with care and mutual engagement.

We create the conditions for the client to choose between carefully-selected candidates, offering them a snapshot of what the job market has to offer for that position. We prefer the natural approach to providing support, helping people make the most effective choice.

Apart from employee sourcing and back-office searches, we use head hunting: a complex method that demands great experience and local knowledge, but one that can offer business candidates that really match the profile, and most importantly, one that facilitates the decision-making process.

This requires careful job analysis, a thorough evaluation of the recruitment base (the type of sector and company in which the candidates can be found either locally, regionally, nationally and/or internationally), an analysis of the business structures, a search for the candidates’ names, and direct contact.

We can map the coverage of the profile among the selected businesses, with market-based financial benchmarks for each position. Our in-house archive and social networks help us in the selection process, so we can propose profiles that really match the company’s needs.


We look at talented young people, with degrees in engineering (mechanical, chemical, management, materials etc.), or in economic sciences and specialisations that fit the job. We have links to the databases of Italy’s top universities, and carry out regional and national screenings as well as aptitude assessments.

Telephone: 0444 526125

Listening to your needs.
Redeploying talent.

  • Support with individual outplacement: professional check and skilled appraisal, selection of objectives and action strategy, operational research

Montera Stv & Associati is licensed by the Ministry for Employment and Social Policy to provide professional recruitment services (authorisation number 39/0014164/MA004.A003 of 29.10.2013)

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Instantly recognising
people’s value.

  • Individual and group assessment centres
  • Aptitude and skills testing
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Meeting the challenges
of every career path.

  • Career advice: professional redeployment for individuals (clerical staff, managers and executives)
  • Coaching and retraining
  • Assistance in drafting CVs and cover letters
  • Interview training
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